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This website deals with various aspects of chemicals including Pyrotechnics and their construction. How much of this you can legally do depends on the law in your country.


In the United Kingdom the following points apply:

  • You cannot make fireworks without a license

  • You can experiment with only small quantities (not to exceed 100g) of firework compositions

  • It is legal to purchase and own the relevant chemicals but there are laws and bylaws regarding storage and other laws regarding poisons (please do your own research as regards precursors etc) you may wish to apply to the Home office for a Explosives precursor Licence

  • It is legal to make and own equipment such as presses and ball mills


  • This is only a personal interpretation of a small part of UK law. The owner of this site can take no responsibility for what you do. It is up to you to check the current legal situation. There are serious penalties for breaking the explosives laws.